A Complete
Range of devices

Smahome supports a complete range of devices from switches, lights, fans, thermostats to sprinklers, smart speakers and curtains. ReST API and Custom device classes available for custom devices integration.

A single application for all your smart home needs

Smahome app has multi-brand, multi-protocol support. You can control & automate your devices, purchase new supported devices and book instant support from the SMAHome Squad from a single app. Stay tuned for new packages specially designed for real-estate developers.

Free On-Demand
Doorstep support

Smahome provides free one-year on-demand doorstep support for all SMAHome compatible devices purchased from online or offline SMAHome stores. Special packages are available for real-estate developers.

A complete local & Cloud platform

Smahome provides a complete platform for end-to-end device integration. New devices can easily be integrated into the platform with the use of custom device classes. The data stored in the SMAHome cloud is AES256 encrypted and local storage options are also available.